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Why We Like Winter Travel

“Where should I go next?” That’s the leading-edge question that avid travelers are always asking us. Americans, in particular, tend to travel mostly in the spring and summer. But there’s much to be said and experienced about journeying out during the winter months and off-peak season of October through May.

Here are five great reasons to do so.

1. Lower prices, more value

2. Fewer crowds, less hassle

3. More personalized service and perks

4. Bragging rights of taking the road less traveled

5. Beat the winter blues

Now that we’ve talked about why you should consider traveling in winter or off-peak, where should you go? We suggest traveling anywhere in Europe; and going to Hawaii and Mexico during winter months is great, still great weather, just less people and cost tends to be lower.

Cities in Europe continue to be popular as the strength of the U.S. dollar has made travel to Europe more affordable for American travelers.

Here are 10 winter and off-peak destinations to consider:

- Lapland’s snow hotels and Northern Lights

- Christmas Markets in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Munich, Salzburg, or Berlin

- Norway’s Bergen and Stavanger fishing villages and Viking history

- Reykjavik’s frozen towns, glacier hikes, and geothermal baths

- Rail journeys through Switzerland’s majestic winter wonderland

- City tours of London, Paris, Vienna or Prague, sans the crowds

- Train travel to Scotland’s many castles and the Winter Garden

- Tour of St. Petersburg’s architectural and historical splendor in the snow

- Japan’s snow monkeys basking in the hot springs at Jigokudani National Park

- Italy’s nationwide winter celebration of Carnevale

So, where do you want to go next?

Let Apostolic Travel make complex travel easy for you, whether you’re headed to Europe, the Americas and beyond. Since 2012, we’ve been selecting the best these destinations have to offer and weaving it all together with the right connections for a seamless experience that will delight you.



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